Meet Juri, one of our Emergent Trilinguals!


The goal of OUSD Dual Language programs is to graduate students who are proficient in two languages by the end of 5th grade.  While 69% of students participating in Dual Language programs are Spanish-speaking ELLs, 10% are students who do not speak English or Spanish at home.  These emergent trilinguals represent more than 8 different languages including Mam, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mien, Mandarin and Khmer.  Our Emergent Trilinguals show us the potential of Dual Language programming to create learning spaces where cultural and linguistic diversity is valued and normalized and where achievement at high levels is possible.  Juri, a first grade student from Greenleaf Elementary finished Kinder already meeting both benchmarks for Spanish reading and English language proficiency, putting her squarely on the path to biliteracy. Listen to Juri share her thoughts on her multilingual journey!

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